ESA Space Economy

ESA seeks to ensure a sustainable growth of the European space sector and the creation of value to society, from basic research to service development.

Global Space Markets Challenge

With the ESA Global Space Markets Challenge, eligible start-ups and SMEs have a novel opportunity to present their plans to introduce their space products and/or services to international markets. Six winning companies from the upstream and downstream space sector will benefit from support to access international markets, where their products, applications or services could find potential customers. Learn more about this years' winners!

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Space Economy Initiatives

ESA Global Space Economic Forum


The Global Space Economic Forum (GSEF) is the foremost creative platform to interactively discuss space-led innovation opportunities driven by the space economy

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ESA Global Space Economic Workshop


The Global Space Economic Workshop (GSEW) is a framework to bring together leaders from European industry to promote partnerships and collaborations

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ESA Grand Challenge

Grand Challenge

The Grand Challenge is a competition that proposes inspiring goals far from market reach to tackle specific challenges with unconventional and disruptive approaches

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News from Space Economy

The OECD publishes the 2nd Edition of the Handbook on Measuring the Space Economy published

The OECD has published the second edition of the ‘Handbook on measuring the Space Economy’. Ten years after the first iteration, this step was justified with a strong diversification of actors contributing to the space economy in recent years,...
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ESA Technology Transfer Success Story - From space debris to rogue drones: how a net-firing gun could help counter both problems

Italian Engineering firm STAM is developing a net-firing gun, called the Drone Catcher, based on ESA-funded research to remove space debris, to tackle the growing problem of disruption caused by illegally-flown drones at public events. By 2026,...
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ESA Technology Transfer Success Story - Dry electrodes to monitor vital signs: From astronauts in space to foetuses in utero

Dry electrode technology, initially designed by Swiss organisation CSEM to monitor ESA astronauts’ health whilst floating in microgravity (LTMS system), allows foetal cardiologists to isolate and continuously monitor a foetal heartbeat on an ele...
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