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OECD’s examination of Space Technology Transfers and their Commercialisation [Nov/2021]

In its study on “Space technology transfers and their commercialisation”, the OECD investigates the transfers from publicly funded space programmes to different sectors of the economy in Europe, Asia and North America and highlights that the p...
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PwC’s ‘Lunar market assessment: market trends and challenges in the development of a lunar economy’ [Nov/2021]

In September 2021, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) published the “Lunar market assessment: market trends and challenges in the development of a lunar economy”, an analysis of a potential future economy on the Moon. With plans to return humans per...
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ESA Technology Transfer Success Story - Space-style control rooms for terrestrial industries [Nov/2021]

Automating complex system coordination, as used for satellite constellations, have proven very valuable in space for efficient and fast outposts organisation. Control room constructor Ergonomics Applied to OPerationsS (EATOPS) and ESA are now coop...
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ESA Technology Transfer Success Story - Cities as Spaceships: The circular resource economy [Oct/2021]

The wastewater of major cities is rich on nutrients and abundantly available. SEMiLLA IPStar and ESA are cooperating to tab into this resource by creating a water recycling system based on the circular life support MELiSSA (Micro-Ecological Life S...
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ESA joins the Universeh inaugural conference to address the Future of Work in the space sector [Oct/2021]

October 2021 ESA participated to the inaugural event of the European Space University for Earth and Humanity (UNIVERSEH).Géraldine Naja, ESA’s Acting Director for Commercialisation, Industry and Procurement gave a keynote speech on ESA’s vision...
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ESA announces winners of the Global Space Markets Challenge [Oct/2021]

German SME DcubeD and Spanish SME Detektia Earth Surface Monitoring are the winners of ESA’s Global Space Markets Challenge. During the final round of the competition both companies delivered pitches which secured them the first place in the u...
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G20 Space Economy Leaders Meeting 2021 [Oct/2021]

On 20 and 21 September 2021, the Italian Space Agency (ASI) opened the door to the G20 Space Economy Leaders Meeting 2021. Over two days, Heads of the G20 Space Agencies discussed the contribution of the Space Economy to the global economy, and the n...
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SPAC and the Space Industry [Sep/2021]

Special-Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs) are publicly traded and seek funding to merge or acquire private companies who are willing to go public as well. “SPACs are shell companies with no operations that raise capital through an initial publi...
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Top 12 companies selected in Global Space Markets Challenge [Sep/2021]

ESA’s Global Space Markets Challenge has reached its next phase. The competition’s Selection Committee has chosen the top 12 applicants. Each applicant has been invited to deliver a five-minute pitch on their internationalisation plans...
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Global Space Markets Challenge: Longlists announced [Aug/2021]

The Global Space Markets Challenge pre-selection committee has established two longlists for the competition’s upstream and downstream categories. By 10 September, 12 finalists – six from each category – will be invited to pitch thei...
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The Size & Health of the UK Space industry in 2019 [Aug/2021]

The United Kingdom’s Space Agency (UKSA) just published its regular report “Size & Health of the Space industry” in May 2021, presenting key figures on the UK space industry in 2018/19.In this report, UKSA forecasted an estimated spac...
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Copernicus Sentinel data supporting the pulp and paper industry in Portugal [Jun/2021]

The European Association of Remote Sensing Companies (EARSC) aims to gather quantitative evidence that the usage of Copernicus Sentinel data provides an effective and convenient support to various market applications. Over 20 case studies have ...
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