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China’s Space Sector: Commercialisation with Chinese Characteristics [Apr/2021]

In April 2021, Blaine Curcio, Founder of Orbital Gateway Consulting, Senior Affiliate Consultant at Euroconsult and Author of Euroconsult China Space Industry Report, presented “Private Investment in the Chinese Space Sector” to ESA.The Chi...
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Space Architecture: Economic impacts, future developments and industrial perspectives of innovative construction techniques for the creation of habitats for the Moon and Mars [Apr/2021]

WATCH THE EVENT BY CLICKING ON THIS LINK(The event starts at 16.00 (CET) on April 23rd) On Friday 23rd April, ESA_Lab @ Poliba is organising an online seminar focused on the economic impacts and industrial perspectives of the innovative construc...
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ESA_Lab@UCLan: Assessing the public value of ESA programmes [Apr/2021]

As the world is confronted with challenges from a triple crisis (health, economic and climate), the past years of progress to reduce social inequality and improve global cooperation are threatened. Now, more than ever, international organisatio...
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Call for participants: OECD's initiative on the value and sustainability of space-based infrastructure [Mar/2021]

The OECD Space Forum is undertaking in 2021 a ground-breaking project to examine the value and sustainability of space-based infrastructure with 11 space agencies / administrations. To that end, OECD is inviting selected universities and resear...
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Financing SMEs: options for SMEs and Midcaps in Europe [Mar/2021]

Beginning of 2021, representatives of ESA, EC, European Investment Bank and European Investment Fund have announced new initiatives that show a strong will to support the growth of space start-ups, SMEs and mid-caps through innovative funding a...
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The socio-economic value of satellite Earth observations: huge, yet to be measured [Mar/2021]

Earth Observation satellites provide precious information on various geophysical variables regularly, reliably and for every part of the Earth. This niche technology has evolved over time to become part of an evidence-based process supporting p...
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Copernicus Sentinel Data supporting wine making in France [Mar/2021]

The European Association of Remote Sensing Companies (EARSC) aims to gather quantitative evidence that the usage of Copernicus Sentinel data provides an effective and convenient support to various market applications.Over 20 case studies have b...
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ESA_Lab@Kozminski: A new bird in the nest of ESA_Lab [Mar/2021]

The inauguration of ESA's cooperation with Polish Kozminski University under the "ESA Lab" platform took place on 19 February 2021. This broadens ESA's research and educational facilities in cooperation with European universities and research c...
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ESA_Lab@PoliBa: De’ remi facemmo ali [Mar/2021]

Politecnico di Bari (PoliBa) is an Italian public university located in Bari (Apulia) and dedicated to Engineering and Architecture subjects. Resembling its Dantesque motto: “De’ remi facemmo ali” (“we turned our oars to wings”, Infer...
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OECD's analysis of the impacts of Covid-19 on the Space industry [Feb/2021]

In October 2020, Claire Jolly, Head of the OECD Space Forum gave a virtual presentation on “The Impacts of COVID-19 on the Space industry” to ESA.She explained how the crisis exposed some of the space sector’s structural vulnerabilities a...
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Post-crisis scenarios for the space industry [Feb/2021]

In October 2020, Steve Bochinger, Euroconsult’s Chief Operating Officer, presented “The day after tomorrow: Post-crisis scenarios for the space industry” to ESA.The purpose of this presentation was to give a pre-crisis overview of the spa...
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Resilience of the space sector to the Covid-19 crisis [Feb/2021]

In October 2020, Luigi Scatteia, PwC’s Space Practice Leader gave a virtual presentation of the study “Resilience of the space sector to the Covid-19 crisis – Overview and comparison to other selected industrial sectors” to ESA.The purp...
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