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ESA Science Core Technology Development Success Story - Fostering European Technology Non-Dependence [Aug/2022]

The development of AQUILA, the first and only European radiation-hardened high-accuracy accelerometer for space use, provides a European navigation solution for upcoming missions, leading to enhanced applications on Earth. ESA chose Ireland’s In...
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ESA Science Core Technology Development Success Story - Critical Cooling Technology Enabling Complex Science Missions [Aug/2022]

Development of long-life Joule Thomson cryocoolers, funded by ESA’s Science Core Technology programme, creates compact, performant and competitive European solutions, with terrestrial applications in quantum technologies. These technology develo...
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ESA Science Core Technology Development Success Story - Unrivalled High Accuracy Star Tracker [Aug/2022]

Funded by ESA’s Science Core Technology Programme, the development of ASTRO XP – an autonomous high accuracy star tracker of the 0.1 arcsec class – demonstrates leadership and strengthens European competitiveness in the Attitude Determinatio...
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ESA Science Core Technology Development Success Story - First Proton Diverter Developed for the Space Sector [Aug/2022]

The spacecraft of ESA’s ATHENA (Advanced Telescope for High Energy Astrophysics) will be exposed to a considerable flux of charged particles due to the mission’s large Halo orbit in L1. Indeed, the protons in solar winds are in the energy rang...
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The OECD publishes the 2nd Edition of the Handbook on Measuring the Space Economy [Aug/2022]

The OECD has published the second edition of the ‘Handbook on measuring the Space Economy’. Ten years after the first iteration, this step was justified with a strong diversification of actors contributing to the space economy in recent years,...
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ESA Technology Transfer Success Story - A new perspective: satellite image processing algorithms to improve lives on Earth [Aug/2022]

Cloudflight’s code optimisation expertise, developed in Austria for analysing satellite imagery (from ENVISAT - ENVIronmental SATellite), was applied to enhance the underlying technology of UK-startup GiveVision’s SightPlus device, designed to...
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ESA Technology Transfer Success Story - From space debris to rogue drones: how a net-firing gun could help counter both problems [Aug/2022]

Italian Engineering firm STAM is developing a net-firing gun, called the Drone Catcher, based on ESA-funded research to remove space debris, to tackle the growing problem of disruption caused by illegally-flown drones at public events. By 2026,...
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ESA Technology Transfer Success Story - Dry electrodes to monitor vital signs: From astronauts in space to foetuses in utero [Aug/2022]

Dry electrode technology, initially designed by Swiss organisation CSEM to monitor ESA astronauts’ health whilst floating in microgravity (LTMS system), allows foetal cardiologists to isolate and continuously monitor a foetal heartbeat on an ele...
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ESA Technology Transfer Success Story - Closing the loop: how space technology could relieve water scarcity on Earth [Aug/2022]

Using technology created for ESA’s MELiSSA (Micro-Ecological Life Support System Alternative) Project (to build a closed life support system), French company Firmus successfully commercialised spin-off technology FGWRS, a terrestrial grey water ...
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ESA Technology Transfer Success Story - Uncovering the secrets of data: spacecraft-grade AI to better inform European SMEs [Aug/2022]

KETTY, a machine learning solution developed by Italian firm SATE with ESA funding to detect anomalies in satellite telemetry data, has been used to improve the performance of Austrian IT specialists eMentalist’s event detection platform for SME...
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ESA Technology Transfer Success Story - Landing zone assessment using Lidar: space technology to enable a new class of drones [Aug/2022]

Canadian SME NGC Aerospace adapted their Hazard Detection and avoidance (HDA) software for lunar landers to enable autonomous safe landing site identification and selection for large unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). A new Lidar-based approach to H...
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ESA Technology Transfer Success Story - Space at home: using space heritage to increase efficiency and automation in the home [Aug/2022]

Slovenian firm SkyLabs developed its spectroscopy technology, supported by ESA, into an AI-supported miniature textile composition and colour recognition apparatus that can be integrated into IoT-connected home appliances, such as washing machines...
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