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What is the Space Economy? [Oct/2019]

The Space Economy is defined by OECD as the full range of activities and the use of resources that create value and benefits to human beings in the course of exploring, researching, understanding, managing, and utilising space.[1] The Space Economy i...
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Space cybersecurity for smart cities [May/2019]

On 29 May 2019, the second Global Space Economic Workshop on ‘Space Cybersecurity for Smart Cities’ took place in Brindisi, Italy. More than 180 high-level representatives of space and non-space companies and institutions attended the GSEW@ITALY ...
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Challenges of future urban settlements on the Moon and Mars [May/2019]

On 13 May, Kedge Business and Design School with ESA and France’s national space Agency, CNES, held the second Global Space Economic Workshop on space habitat in Marseille, France. The Global Space Economic Workshop, or GSEW, brought together leade...
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Space workshops to power urban innovation [Mar/2019]

In May, two workshops organised with the help of ESA, will foster industrial collaboration between space and non-space-based industry to boost urban innovation. The two events, one in Marseille, France, on 13 May, and the other in Brindisi, Italy, on...
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Last chance to join the competition [Feb/2019]

The closing date for applications to join the Metalysis–ESA Grand Challenge and win half a million euros is 1 April. If your company is devising process-monitoring systems, your technology could go to space. ESA with UK company Metalysis, la...
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Compete in a lunar economy [Jan/2019]

Sign up to the Metalysis–ESA Grand Challenge worth €500 000 rewarding innovation that helps us to explore space. As ESA and other agencies prepare to send humans back to the Moon – this time to stay – technologies that ...
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ESA at Station F: looking for applications to the first Grand Challenge [Nov/2018]

On 10 December, ESA and Metalysis will present a Grand Challenge initiative worth €500 000 to a community of startups and innovators in Paris, France. During this unique event, participants can find out all about the ESA Grand Challenge i...
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Interview with Vincent Bastide on construction [Oct/2018]

This week the GSEW team interviewed Vincent Bastide who shared his ideas and views on future trends in construction. He is Communications Chief Digital Officer, in charge of Digital, Social Media & e-Reputation Management at Saint-Gobain Group...
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ESA Global Space Economic Forum [Oct/2018]

ESA’s first Global Space Economic Forum was held at ESA's ESTEC technology centre in Noordwijk, the Netherlands on 10 October 2018. More than 110 speakers and leaders from industry and institutions could exchange ideas on global challenges a...
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The Moon Race: Pioneering Sustainable Lunar Exploration [Oct/2018]

The Moon Race was launched on 1 October at the International Astronautical Congress 2018 in Bremen. This competition is aimed at teams worldwide including start-ups and new ventures eager to bring their technologies to the Moon surface. It in...
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Metalysis–ESA Grand Challenge launched [Jul/2018]

An ESA Grand Challenge worth €500 000 sponsored by UK’s Metalysis, will reward new technology that will help us to create metals from resources found on other planets.  The Challenge is part of ESA’s Space 4.0 commit...
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Building and powering by disruptive innovation [Jul/2018]

On 18 July, a Global Space Economic Workshop at ESA ECSAT in Harwell, UK, encouraged industry leaders to develop partnerships and foster disruptive innovation and commercial opportunities. It addressed diverse challenges related to advanced manufactu...
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