Value created by ESA's Clean Space Initiative

Value created by ESA's Clean Space Initiative [May/2020]

In preparation of Space19+ and to inform decision-makers on the impact of their investment on the European economy and society, ESA conducted several studies to assess the socio-economic benefits of its programmes.

One of these assessments conducts a comprehensive analysis of the socio-economic impacts generated by the ESA Clean Space Initiative with a focus on Space Debris Mitigation and remediation activities.

Critical information was collected through a literature analysis and targeted stakeholder consultation including focused interviews and a web survey distributed to a selected list of relevant entities.

ESA’s Clean Space initiative stands to support the preservation of the long-term sustainability of space activities in space and on Earth, and to foster the European industry to stay competitive in the rapidly evolving global space market. The scope of Clean Space, which started in 2012, is to mature technologies to address space debris mitigation and remediation as well as other hazards across the space industry development chain.

The study covers the full range of strategic, economic, social and environmental impacts on European stakeholders.

With regards to the economic impacts, the study estimates that the Space Debris Mitigation (SDM) technologies market could generate €3 billion by 2035 (in cumulative revenues) and that the global Active Debris Removal (ADR) and In-Orbit Servicing (IOS) technologies market could reach €2.5 billion cumulatively by 2035. The European space industry could catch at least 20% of these markets thanks to Clean Space technology developments.

This study was conducted by SpaceTec Partners and was completed in the end of 2019. To access the document please click here or login to access the restricted area.

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