ESA-Eurostat workshop on a European Space Economy Satellite Account

ESA-Eurostat workshop on a European Space Economy Satellite Account [Mar/2022]

On 1 March 2022 ESA and Eurostat organised a workshop in cooperation with their Member States’ Delegations, and National Statistical Offices to explore the possibility of setting up a European Space Economy Satellite Account.

The objective of a European Satellite Account is to provide a robust and consistent set of data of the space sector from official statistics, based on an agreed scope and definition. It also allows for a wide range of new analyses on the space sector, enabling a major understanding of its contribution to the overall economy and its evolution. This is achieved through highlighting the roles of the sector in the economy in terms of what is needed (supplying industries) and what is used (using industries).

The following outputs are expected:

  • Output: Market value of goods and services produced
  • Gross Value Added: Gross output of an industry less its intermediate inputs
  • Employment: Amount of jobs supported in the economy. Includes full- and part-time employees
  • Compensation: Wages, Salaries, and employer contributions to pension and insurance

ESA, Eurostat and their Member States are now looking into the next steps to achieve the set-up of a European Space Satellite Account.

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