Europe decides to increase ESA’s budget by 17% compared to the last Ministerial meeting in 2019

Europe decides to increase ESA’s budget by 17% compared to the last Ministerial meeting in 2019 [Dec/2022]

At the ESA Council at Ministerial level held in Paris on 22 and 23 November, government ministers representing ESA’s Member States, Associate States and Cooperating States resolved the ESA budget for the upcoming three years until the next Council at Ministerial level in 2025. Ministers confirmed that Europe’s independent access to space is crucial to secure the benefits that space brings to life on Earth – including climate change monitoring and mitigation, secure communications and navigation under European control, and rapid and resilient responses to crises.

·     - Climate remains a high priority for ESA Member States: €2.7 billion for ESA’s Earth observation programme;
- Science consolidates its world-leading role: €3.2 billion dedicated to the scientific programme, ESA is implementing the missions from its Cosmic Vision programme while preparing the new space science programme, Voyage 2050;
- Boost to the ESA exploration programme and confirmation for the Rosalind Franklin rover: €2.7 billion for the next phase of Terrae Novae, ESA’s new worlds space exploration programme focussed on three destinations – low Earth orbit, the Moon and Mars;
- Bolstering connectivity, security and sustainability from space: €1.9 billion was dedicated to improving life on Earth through always-on-everywhere connectivity. Most of this will be channelled through ESA’s programme of Advanced Research in Telecommunications Systems;
- Future navigation technologies get the green light: The budget for navigation has risen to €351 million;
- Space safety to advance missions and technologies: With a rise to €731 million, the space safety programme will step up its efforts to protect Earth from hazards originating in space;
- Space transportation becomes stronger and more environmentally sustainable: The ESA budget for space transportation has risen to €2.8 billion;
- Scaling up European technology and fostering commercialisation: The ESA budget for technology has increased to €542 million.
- Ministers have decided to start a new ESA programme called ScaleUp for supporting space commercialisation and the development of a new space ecosystem in Europe.


For a more in depth article about the outcomes of the Ministerial Council 2022, please click here.

For the full list of decisions from the ESA Council at the Ministerial level 2022 including exact funding from each Member State, please see the documents here: Resolution 1, Resolution 2, Resolution 4, Charts, Director General’s presentation.

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