Eurospace releases its annual Facts & Figures Report: The European Space Industry in 2022

Eurospace releases its annual Facts & Figures Report: The European Space Industry in 2022 [Jul/2023]

In July 2023, the trade association of the European Space Industry, Eurospace, announced the release of the 27th edition of its annual report on the state of the European space manufacturing industry in 2022.

Eurospace has been publishing the results of its annual survey since 1996, covering almost 500 entities from the European space manufacturing and launch industry. The report allows chronological consistency and comprehensive series.

The report presents European upstream industry sales of €8.2 billion in 2022, a slowdown of €400 million compared to 2021. On the European upstream employment side, the growth has been sustained in 2022, reaching a new record of 57,000 FTE (full-time equivalent). The employment growth is driven by hires in large-, midsized-, and small players.

The Press Release outlines a wide range of economic indicators notably related to the global context, the launch service markets, the captive and open markets and details the sales and employment figures for the European space upstream industry across its four main macro-segments: satellite applications systems, launcher systems, scientific systems and other (which includes the ground segment and support).

The Press Release summarising the key findings of the report is available for download on the Eurospace website here.

Further useful information related to the report can be found on Eurospace page dedicated to the Facts and Figures available here.

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