“International Space Station (ISS) Benefits for Humanity”; 2022 Edition released by the ISS Program Science Forum

“International Space Station (ISS) Benefits for Humanity”; 2022 Edition released by the ISS Program Science Forum [May/2023]

Enabling researchers from around the world to have access to microgravity, exposure to space, and a unique perspective on Earth to conduct groundbreaking experiments, the International Space Station (ISS) has now entered its third decade of human-tended operation and science. With substantial resource and expertise committed from all its international partners, the ISS has resulted in astonishing benefits for humanity. The collaborative publication “International Space Station – Benefits for Humanity” showcases impacts from the ISS across four major categories of socio-economic indicators:

  • Economic benefits: Growing the LEO economy, advances in robotics for space, from outpost to orbiting laboratory, technology testing, rise of space manufacturing, etc.;
  • Exploration benefits: Foothold on the Edge of space, evolution of research capabilities in space, future plan for the space station etc.;
  • Societal benefits: Climate monitoring, using microgravity to combat Covid-19, Ultrasound scans in space transforming medicine on Earth, drug testing, cultivation of student science, etc.;
  • Scientific benefits: Studying extreme temperatures, fluid physics in microgravity, crystalizing proteins, AI to support researchers, scientific breakthroughs thanks to international cooperation, etc.

Special attention in this edition was given to new areas of scientific studies, such as future technologies crucial for potential Moon or Mars exploration. Likewise, life-saving technologies, and economic indicators, such as induced job and company creation are highlighted. In combination with the traditional measures of scientific advances, discoveries in human health, and inspiration for a new generation, the ISS is found to have “a legacy and influence that will be felt for decades to come”.

The full report can be accessed here (please kindly log in before).

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