Copernicus Sentinel data supporting the pulp and paper industry in Portugal

Copernicus Sentinel data supporting the pulp and paper industry in Portugal [Jun/2021]

The European Association of Remote Sensing Companies (EARSC) aims to gather quantitative evidence that the usage of Copernicus Sentinel data provides an effective and convenient support to various market applications. Over 20 case studies have been conducted to this end since March 2017 or are currently undertaken in the frame of the project “Showcasing the benefits brought by the usage of Sentinels data to society, environment and economy: a bottom-up assessment based on traceable impacts along selected value chains”. These studies were undertaken under an assignment from the European Space Agency (ESA), and is funded by the European Commission as part of the Copernicus Programme.

The latest study “Forest management in Portugal” explains how Sentinel-2 EO data and imagery combined with artificial intelligence, are increasingly used in Portugal and how these information benefit to all stakeholders along the value-chain.

They help the Portuguese pulp and paper industry benefit from country-wide updates on the land use. It allows forest managers to check plantation health remotely and take timely mitigation measures, thus reducing field inspections and related costs by 25% and ensuring proper focus on the parts of the plantations where attention is needed the most. Lastly, such use of satellite data generally provided tools for a better and more effective forest monitoring benefiting the general public.

To access the case study and more detailed information, please click here.

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