Big Science in the 21st Century – a new e-book published by IOP Publishing

Big Science in the 21st Century – a new e-book published by IOP Publishing [Dec/2023]

On the 18th of December 2023, IOP Publishing has released ‘Big Science in the 21st Century’, a book that explores the socio-economic impact of Big Science in our world and the future perspectives on its evaluation.

The multiple contributions of different authors offer a multifaceted view on the role that Big Science plays in society, analysing the future challenges and merits in the field. This with a specific focus on the transformative impact of Big Science on society.

The work is divided in five sections, and through a set of essays it investigates the role of Big Science organisations and how to increase their benefits to society, the economists’ view on how to assess such benefits, an historical perspective on the development of the Big Science across time, its educational and cultural impact as well as a global perspective on the topic. These collected essays aim to encourage an interdisciplinary dialogue between economists, historians, and relevant stakeholders (such as scientists, policymakers, research managers and industry) so to highlight the complex role that science plays today.

It represents a starting point to open towards new perspectives in the discussion on Big Science firms and their impact on society.

The full book is available on the IOP Publishing Bookstore.

You can find more information here.

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