G20 Space Economy Leaders Meeting 2021

G20 Space Economy Leaders Meeting 2021 [Oct/2021]

On 20 and 21 September 2021, the Italian Space Agency (ASI) opened the door to the G20 Space Economy Leaders Meeting 2021. Over two days, Heads of the G20 Space Agencies discussed the contribution of the Space Economy to the global economy, and the need to continue raising awareness among the G20 community, with the ultimate goal of including space among the topics of the Summit.

In this setting, the OECD Space Forum developed a background paper providing “new evidence on how space technologies can promote growth and well-being in G20 economies and beyond”. The document  identifies some of the key challenges that need to be addressed and suggests a number of policy options for decision-makers.

The OECD outlines the critical importance of space in the world’s continuously expanding digitalization regarding social well-being, climate (change) monitoring, and economic innovation. In parallel, the efforts to measure space activity and its outputs have increased significantly within multiple G20 states. This allows for higher awareness and accountability for decision-makers.

The report also identifies various critical points for the future of the sector, i.e. the rapidly filling earth orbit which can limit future economic prosperity if not addressed properly or an increasing competition of skilled workforce and the remaining issue of a large gender gap within the sector.


OECD 2021, Space Economy for People, Plant and Prosperity, https://www.oecd.org/sti/inno/space-forum/space-economy-for-people-planet-and-prosperity.pdf

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