ESA_Lab@Kozminski: A new bird in the nest of ESA_Lab

ESA_Lab@Kozminski: A new bird in the nest of ESA_Lab [Mar/2021]

The inauguration of ESA's cooperation with Polish Kozminski University under the "ESA Lab" platform took place on 19 February 2021. This broadens ESA's research and educational facilities in cooperation with European universities and research centers. Kozminski University is the second Polish university to sign the agreement but the only one at the moment which trains managerial staff for the space industry in Poland. Each of the universities chosen by the European Space Agency is distinguished by unique competences resulting from the space projects they carry out. The specialization that ESA has recognized in Kozminski University is the development of managerial competencies for the needs of the space industry, as well as economic and social impact studies. Such partnerships are the proof that the ESA recognizes and appreciates the technological entrepreneurship of Poles, and Poland is perceived as an industrial base which has the potential to support the European space sector.

For a few years, the university conducts scientific projects within the area of the project&risk management and insurance in the space sector, as well as in the area of systemic regulations. In cooperation with POLSA and Industrial Development Agency it has been organizing seminars and conferences on determinants of development of the space sector in Poland, cyber security, space mining or space risk engineering. It’s also a business co-organizer of the European Rover Challenge. In 2020, postgraduate studies have been launched, which will soon enrich the Polish market by a dozen of new specialists prepared to manage space projects.

The main areas identified for collaboration under the ESA_Lab@Kozminski include the space economy (commercialization, SME's management, public-private partnerships and Spin-in / spin-off), space and society, including the study of impact of space activities on society and economy, as well as the problems of regulatory coherence across Europe and internationally.

For further information, please contact Professor Katarzyna Malinowska (, Maria-Gabriella Sarah ( or Stéphanie Willekens (

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