Value created by ESA's Space Systems for Safety and Security (4S)

Value created by ESA's Space Systems for Safety and Security (4S) [Aug/2020]

In preparation of Space19+ and to inform decision-makers on the impact of their investment on the European economy and society, ESA conducted several studies to assess the socio-economic benefits of its programmes.

One of these assessments evaluates the socio-economic benefits of the new ARTES Space Systems for Safety and Security strategic line (also referred to as 4S). 4S consists in activities covering the full lifecycle of innovation, from preparatory R&D and product development to infrastructure projects, services and downstream development.

The scope of the analysis includes a combination of new programmes and extension of existing missions or frameworks with the objective to assess ex-ante the socio-economic benefits of seven 4S activities.

Critical information was collected through desk data collection and information provided by ESA, as well as an extensive consultation with stakeholders including:

  • Industrial partners either involved or expected to be involved in the activities;
  • Institutional partners relevant for the selected 4S missions;
  • End-users, private or public, either existing or potential users of the solutions to be developed;
  • Representatives from ESA and ESA Member States either participating in 4S activities or planning to be.

The demand for secure satellite communications is increasing worldwide. Reliable and secure communications are more and more required in support of crisis management, maritime safety, border control and other security and safety domains such as air traffic management. Secure Satcom is a major global commercial and institutional market opportunity, and has a critical business potential for the European satellite communication sector facing major challenges in New Space and the Digital Economy.

With regards to economic impacts, the global market related to 4S activities is estimated to grow threefold in the next two decades from €7.4 billion in 2025 to €22.2 billion in 2040. The addressable market for the European systems is expected to grow at a faster rate than the global market from €1.7 billion in 2025 to €6.4 billion in 2040. A number of factors will be critical to reach this 4S market potential including on-time infrastructure deployment, governance of the systems, pricing model, regulations (such as certification), and end users’ awareness.

With regards to strategic impacts, ESA 4S supports a broad range of European strategic purposes from strengthening European security, enabling European non-dependence in critical capabilities and fostering pan-European cooperation. Consulted stakeholders consider that ARTES 4S will increasingly contribute to all European security purposes over time, in particular for transport, maritime, civil protection and European External Action.

The study was conducted by Euroconsult and was completed in October 2019. To access the document, please click here click here or login to access the restricted area.

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