ESA announces first Global Space Economic Forum

ESA announces first Global Space Economic Forum [Apr/2018]

ESA’s first Global Space Economic Forum will be held on 10 October at ESA’s technical heart, ESTEC in Noordwijk, the Netherlands.

The forum aims to engage leaders and executives of major space and non-space European stakeholders from institutional and commercial sectors in areas such as transport, ICT, mining, construction, energy, biomedical and security, to explore potential synergies and take joint action to tackle shared challenges.

Following the Global Space Economic Workshop held in Paris last year, several major European institutions and industries plan to host similar workshops in 2018:

  • GSEW@Italy – ‘Space Cybersecurity for mobility’, organised in cooperation with the Italian Space Agency (ASI), the Italian Ministries of Defence and the Italian Ministry of Transport (full details and registration at this link)
  • GSEW@France – ‘Habitat in Space: the pioneer’s camp’, organised by Kedge Business School 
  • GSEW@UK – ‘Mining of the future’, organised by UK-based company Metalysis

The Global Space Economic Forum 2018 is an opportunity to present the conclusions and outcomes of these workshops through several keynote speeches, industrial panel discussions, inspirational talks and interactive discussions. It paves the way for future cross-cultural partnerships and develops strategic actions to shape institutional and industrial agendas. The theme of the forum this year will be ‘Space Partnerships for Global Challenges’.

Societies and economies evolve sometimes in unexpected ways. Globalisation has lead to fragmented governance and challenged security, especially in cyber space but technology continues to transform our daily lives. Increased automation and artificial intelligence is changing our society and the way we work. Climate change, dwindling energy and resources, an aging population, and increased migration, is all severely impacting the sustainable growth of the global economy.

Space activities continue to support the implementation of strategic objectives in favour of economic growth. Innovation arising from the cross-fertilisation of ideas from industrial and societal sectors offer benefits globally.

The Global Space Economic Workshops are an opportunity to question assumptions and create change. They provide an unprecedented opportunity to share experiences, foster creativity, and trigger innovative processes for disruptive solutions. 

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