A community of innovation at the Farnborough Airshow and ESA

A community of innovation at the Farnborough Airshow and ESA [Jul/2018]

On the 17 July, a new Grand Challenge will be launched at Farnborough International Airshow by Metalysis in the UK, in cooperation with the European Space Agency.

The following day a Global Space Economic Workshop will be held at ESA in Harwell.

Farnborough Air Show 2018 – 17 July

The space race continues to attract commercial enterprises aiming to reduce the costs involved in planetary exploration, increasing industrial competition. New concepts for space exploration bring with them new international, cross-border collaborations. 

At the launch of a new Grand Challenge at FIA 2018, a signing ceremony will take place between Dion Vaughan, CEO at Metalysis, and Jan Wörner, ESA Director General. 

The ceremony will be complemented by a media interactive talk with the participation of ESA Grand Challenge Ambassador Martina Caironi, and with Geraldine Naja, ESA Head of Industrial Policy and Auditing Department, and Dion Vaughan.

The Challenge is part of ESA’s Space 4.0 commitment to competitions that create new European entrepreneurs, innovation-led startups and new ventures. It is the result of a consultation process with ESA’s 22 Member States and will run until 2021.

Each project, team and concept shares the common goal of achieving breakthrough scientific results by accessing previously unexplored terrains. Many approaches generate new technologies and applications of technologies that can bring socio-economic benefits.

Follow our web page for updates on the Metalysis - ESA Grand Challenge!

Global Space Economic Workshop in UK: Building and Powering

On 18 July, a Global Space Economic Workshop will be held at ESA ECSAT in Harwell, the UK. It will bring together stakeholders from the domains of advanced materials, energy and space, to discuss potential cooperative initiatives.

Several high profile panels and splinter working sessions will be organised with the participation of leaders from industry, academia, European institutions and the Harwell Space and EnergyTec Clusters, to discuss new cross-disciplinary partnerships and to promote disruptive innovation and commercial opportunities.

Working sessions will address diverse challenges related to:

  • advanced manufacturing and materials, including in-situ resource utilisation, both for habitat construction on the moon or other planets and for use in the building of satellites, spacecraft and down-to-Earth applications; 
  • advances in battery technology and how they can benefit both space exploration and the interworking of autonomous vehicles and renewable energy.

Upcoming events

On 10 October, the Global Space Economic Forum will take place at ESTEC, ESA's technical heart in Noordwijk, the Netherlands.

The Forum will be an opportunity to present the conclusions and outcomes of the previous workshops through several keynote speeches, industrial panel discussions, inspirational talks and interactive discussions.

It paves the way for future cross-cultural partnerships and develops strategic actions to shape institutional and industrial agendas. The theme of the forum this year will be ‘Space Partnerships for Global Challenges’. 

Contact us at: space.economicforum@esa.int

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