ESA Grand Challenge rewards solutions to complex problems

ESA Grand Challenge rewards solutions to complex problems [Jan/2017]

The ESA Grand Challenge is a contest aimed at creating a new European ecosystem of entrepreneurs and start-up companies competing to develop solutions that address complex problems.

ESA is looking for your ideas to shape the future by fostering innovation throughout Europe. 

The ESA Grand Challenge will create a unique disruptive dynamic, reaching out to wider communities of problem solvers, proposing inspiring goals that are far from market reach to attract unconventional approaches to innovation.

ESA, in partnersip with a sponsor from a non-space sector, will define a problem to be solved, the reward for solving it, and the rules of the contest. The problems could be a technical, scientific or societal challenge.

The reward is often a large bursary, but it may also consist of credible commitments by future buyers.

Sponsors gain a customised set of assets that have been developed to meet the needs and objectives of their product or service.

ESA is currently assessing suitable Grand Challenge areas and themes.

To submit your ideas for a grand challenge, act now and contact the ESA team at:

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