Building cybersecurity at the Global Space Economic Workshop

Building cybersecurity at the Global Space Economic Workshop [May/2018]

On 24 May, a Community of Innovators discussed Space Cybersecurity for Mobility at the Global Space Economic Workshop in Brindisi, Italy. 

More than 200 high-level representatives of space and non-space companies and institutions from more than 15 countries in Europe, Canada and the USA attended the event.

During the workshop a Letter of Intent to develop joint industrial activities in the domain of space cybersecurity for autonomous vehicles was signed between ESA, the Belgian Science Policy Office, the Italian space agency, and the Aerospace Technological District of Apulia. This agreement fosters the cooperation between the cybersecurity facility of ESEC in Redu and the drones test range in Grottaglie, Italy.

Industrial panel session
Industrial panel session

A space cybersecurity programme focused on transportation technologies is necessary at European level. This workshop, promoted by Italian authorities, will help to consolidate joint understanding of future space cybersecurity scenarios, and to draw up a strategy, an action plan, and a roadmap for implementation.

The event began with panel discussions followed by inspirational talks and presentations by high-profile speakers. During the afternoon, participants formed groups to exchange ideas on the main issues of cybersecurity and mobility with focus on automotive, railways, aviation, maritime sectors and their infrastructure. At the end of the session each focus group presented their conclusions.

Working groups
Working groups

An industrial cooperation was proposed at the end of the working table session involving participants of the automotive working group – Thales Secure Communication, Telespazio and a car manufacturer are among the originators.

They proposed a project of collaboration to be submitted to ESA and the European Defence Agency. The project aims to standardise and test space cybersecurity technologies to ensure secure operations on smart roads as well as on connected vehicles  on the battle field.  

The outcomes of this event will be further presented during the Global Space Economic Forum on 10 October at ESA ESTEC in the Netherlands, along with the conclusions of two other GSEW events that will take place in France on 31 May co-organised by France's CNES space agency and Kedge Business and Design School on Habitat in Space, and in the UK on 18 July at ESA ECSAT discussing the future of materials, jointly organised by UKSA and the UK company Metalisys, sponsor of the ESA Grand Challenge.


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