Non-space business? We want to hear from you

Non-space business? We want to hear from you [Jul/2020]

Are you a non-space business, then ESA is looking for your help! Take a 10-minute survey about the potential use of space-related technology in your business, and help us understand how best to serve your needs and aspirations. 

Through the provision of space data and technologies, ESA has supported scientists, innovators and businesses in building new services and applications in several downstream sectors (agriculture, health, education, transport, and environment monitoring, among many others) to the benefit of European society and economy. To continue to improve its key role in this ecosystem, ESA must have a better understanding of the behaviour, needs and expectations of new actors.

The ESA Downstream Gateway is launching a series of actions dedicated to non-space actors to better understand their needs, and identify how the use of space-related technology and data can support new business.

With this survey, ESA wants to assess the non-space actor’s likely willingness to use space assets for their business.

Launch the survey

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