Financing space: options for SMEs and midcaps in Europe

Financing space: options for SMEs and midcaps in Europe [Jan/2021]

11 February 2021, 14:00-16:30

An up-to-date overview of financial instruments to fuel growth for ESA’s ecosystem of SMEs and midcaps.

European space start-ups, SMEs and even midcaps have a problematic access to risk finance and loans needed to fuel their growth. European investors are particular risk adverse.

Beginning of 2021, representatives of the EC, the EIB and the EIF have announced new instruments to enable the access of start-ups and midcaps to finance (seed, equity, venture capital, venture debt, loans). These instruments, including those available through the EC Multi-annual Financial Framework, are generally not ear-marked for space, but space is an eligible domain. 

Many of them will be deployed by the EIB and EIF, often via intermediaries such as selected private VC funds and national banks.

This ESA-EIB-EIF conference will present an up-to-date overview of financial instruments that space start-ups, SMEs and midcaps can use to grow.

See full description and programme here.

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