Space workshops to power urban innovation

Space workshops to power urban innovation [Mar/2019]

In May, two workshops organised with the help of ESA, will foster industrial collaboration between space and non-space-based industry to boost urban innovation. The two events, one in Marseille, France, on 13 May, and the other in Brindisi, Italy, on 29 May will bring together representatives from the space sector and industries such as information technology, automotive, oil and gas, and telecommunication, to discuss cross-cultural partnerships. Representatives of industry and institutions are invited to find out more about the results of all workshops in panel discussions and presentations at the second Global Space Economic Forum (GSEF19) this year, with the theme ‘Space Partnerships for Urban Innovation’. ESA will soon announce the date and venue. What is a GSEW event? Industrial panel session Industrial panel session The Global Space Economic Workshop, GSEW, is part of a broader process aiming to develop a new framework to bring together leaders and high-level representatives of space and non-space European stakeholders, institutions, academia and commercial sectors. The final objective is to engage the participants in industrial collaborations. The aim of this platform is to foster the creation of spin-in opportunities, supporting the dialogue and coordination with Member States and industry. After the first GSEW event in Paris, a new community of innovators was formed. This community builds on an open platform of creative cross-fertilisation among diverse industrial sectors to strengthen innovation across Europe. As a result, several major European institutions and industries hosted GSEW events in 2018 in order to promote and start discussions on industrial cooperation: GSEW@Italy – ‘Space Cybersecurity for mobility’ was hosted by the Italian Space Agency (ASI), the Italian Ministries of Defence and the Italian Ministry of Transport on 24 May 2018. GSEW@France – ‘Habitat in Space’: the pioneer’s camp’ was hosted by Kedge Business School in cooperation with CNES on 31 May 2018. GSEW@UK – ‘New Materials and Energy’ in cooperation with the UK-based company Metalysis and Harwell Campus was held on 17 July 2018. GSEW@Estonia – ‘Generation “R” – Robotics’ organised during Robotex International, one of the biggest robotics festival, took place on 1 December 2018. Upcoming events Habitat in space Habitat in space Kedge Business School decided to renew its commitment in promoting potential industrial cooperation and announced a new workshop on ‘Habitat in Space’ in collaboration with ESA and CNES. On 13 May at Kedge Business Accelerator in Marseille, the participants will have the chance to discuss synergies within the overarching umbrella of enabling technologies for smart cities, useful also for space exploration. The Apulian Aerospace Technological District, together with the Italian Space Agency and ESA is launching the second Global Space Economic Workshop ‘Space Cybersecurity for Smart Cities’, GSEW@Italy 2019, on 29 May at the Rosamarina-Ostuni Resort in Apulia, Italy. The workshop, supported by national government ministries, will bring together leaders of major space and non-space European stakeholders to discuss potential cooperative space cyber-security initiatives for smart cities and urban mobility. Last year, during the previous workshop organised in the Apulia region, a Letter of Intent to develop joint industrial activities in the domain of space cybersecurity for autonomous vehicles was signed between ESA, the Belgian Science Policy Office, the Italian space agency, and the Aerospace Technological District of Apulia. This agreement fosters the cooperation between the cybersecurity facility of ESEC in Redu and the drones test range in Grottaglie, Italy. Another industrial cooperation was launched at the end of the working table session involving participants of one of the working groups. Thales Secure Communication, Telespazio, and a car manufacturer are among the originators. The Global Space Economic Forum Global Space Economic Forum Global Space Economic Forum The second Global Space Economic Forum (GSEF19) will be an opportunity to present the conclusions and outcomes of these workshops through several keynote speeches, industrial panel discussions, inspirational talks and interactive discussions. It paves the way for future cross-cultural partnerships and develops strategic actions to shape institutional and industrial agendas. The theme of the forum this year will be ‘Space Partnerships for Urban Innovation’. ESA will soon announce the date and venue. Representatives of industry and institutions are invited to contact the organising team for further information at Space has become an integrated part of our daily lives. From smartphones to agricultural monitoring, the socio-economic benefits of space activities are so diverse that they are not always so obvious to the general public. ESA focuses this week on what space is doing for the economy, in particular, highlighting the flourishing applications domain and business opportunities.

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