The Size & Health of the UK Space industry in 2019

The Size & Health of the UK Space industry in 2019 [Aug/2021]

The United Kingdom’s Space Agency (UKSA) just published its regular report “Size & Health of the Space industry” in May 2021, presenting key figures on the UK space industry in 2018/19.

In this report, UKSA forecasted an estimated space industry income of £16.4 billion for 2018/19. The report highlights the space economy’s segmental growth areas, such as Space Application, Manufacturing and Operations, and underlines the activities and applications that grew and/or declined within these growth areas. UKSA also presented the industry trends, with an increasing number of new incorporations and growing employment figures. In addition, the UKSA presents an industry survey analysing the consequences of the Brexit and the Covid crisis on space activities, assessing their impacts on income, demand, workforce, suppliers and investments.

To learn more about this topic and access the UKSA’s full report, please click here.

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