Exploiting the remarkable potential of space technology transfer

Exploiting the remarkable potential of space technology transfer [Oct/2022]

The state-of-the-art technologies, systems and know-how developed in the framework of European space programmes hold remarkable potential in the terrestrial sphere.

ESA’s Technology Transfer activities explore this potential, identifying space technologies arising from R&D contracts or inventions suitable for transfer, and answering non-space market needs.

13 case studies from Technology Transfers were completed by economic consultancy know.space in preparation of the 2022 ESA Council at Ministerial level (CM22), with the objective to provide strong examples of the use of space outside of the space industry itself, demonstrating benefits in terms of technological innovation, commercialisation, economic growth, and for the European society overall.

To access the Infographics from the 13 case studies, click here (please kindly log in before).

The detailed case study reports are all available in the Documents section, here (please kindly log in before).

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